Cube Simulator

How Quickly Can You Solve It?
Download Executable Available for Windows.

Welcome to Cube Simulator! Using the leap motion, solve the scrambled cube by returning it to its original configuration in as little moves as possible. Normal is for those who want to take it easy. In hard mode, even swipes count towards your score!

Place your palm on either the right, left, or top faces of the cube and twist to rotate that face.
Slide your hand left to right or right to left on the screen to rotate the entire cube right or left, respectively.

We do not own the Rubik's Cube likeness. It is the sole property of Rubik's Brand Ltd.

The audio clips used for swiping, rotating a face, solving the cube, and pressing a button were taken from under the Attribution 3.0 License found at No changes were made to the original clips.

The music loops were taken as free samples from