Leap Motion Plugin for ShiVa

Interact with your ShiVa 3D worlds in a natural and intuitive way!

(YouTube) ShiVa + Leap Motion Integration.

With Leap Motion and ShiVa you can interact with digital content in virtual and augmented reality using your hands just as you would in the real world. Your hand and finger movements are tracked by the Leap Motion Controller and converted into 3D data.

Adding the Plugin package to your game project:

The plugin comes as a drop-in STE, which you can just import into your game project in ShiVa. It contains the plugin source code as well as all required Lua scripts and ShiVa AIs, but no hand models or game integration. If you want to have a look at those, simply link to the included demo project from inside ShiVa.

This plugins is based on the Leap Motion SDK 2.3.1 and was built for ShiVa 1.9.2, but will work on 2.0 b4 and later versions as well.

For more information, API docs and ShiVa AIModel specifications, please download our PDF instructions.