Light Pinch VR

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Illuminate blue cubes by pinching your hands with Oculus Rift on

This example is now deprecated in favor of:

Demonstrates the Rift Effect and how to transfrom Leap Motion data for use with the rift! This does not do position tracking. For that you should look at

Here's a quickstart guide on the various components:

IMPORTANT: This library calls controller.setOptimizeHMD(true), which makes tracking much better when being used top down. This requires 2.1.5+22699 or greater. If any tab requests HMD mode, they will all get it. You can confirm that this is working with the Software Log in the Troubleshooting section of the Control Panel.:


Pinch to attach a light to your hand. This allows you to illuminate two rotating blue cubes.

Note that tracking v2.1.5 and LeapJS v0.6.3 or greater are required. These add the optimizeHMD flag for javascript.