Good Luck, Doctor! Let's Hope You Don't Fail Miserably!
Download Executable Available for Windows.

( Leap Motion 3D Jam 2015 entry.

Welcome To Nerves!

Designed by GAME-U Students: Sean Fuhrman, Corinne Hughes, Julian LeBrun, Drew Peterson, Ethan Rednor

The Goal Of The Game Is To Remove All Shrapnel, And Get It Into The Tray, From Your Patient Without Hitting Their Nerves And Murdering Them.
Let's Hope Your PHd Doesn't Fail You!

You Have 5 Minutes Without Touching The Nerves, They Will Look Like Rings, To Remove The Shrapnel.
Upon Touching The Nerves, Your Time Will Lessen And The Patients Heart Rate Will Quicken.
If Your Patients Heart Rate Gets Too High, Then They Will Die, And You Will Lose.
However, If You Manage To Remove The Shrapnel And Land It In The Tray Without Exceeding The Heart Rate Limit, Your Patient Will Live!

You Will Be Working With Your Hands To Remove The Shrapnel, So Be Careful You Don't Spaz!