A didactic puzzle game used to introduce the concept of continental drift
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Funded by the National Academy of Sciences and National Science Foundation with a focus on Geoscience/Planetary Science.


Pangean is a didactic puzzle game used to introduce the concept of continental drift before moving on to plate tectonics. As a galactic member of the United Colonies, players will travel the universe in their own scouting ship—using their hologram interface to piece together continents and demonstrate the shift that occurs over a hundred million years. Initial levels will consist of simple moving and rotation of landmasses, but as difficulty increases players will be armed with advanced tools for additional insight. Use the fossil probe to reveal patterns in creature inhabitance and the sonar to scan for eroded portions of the continent. Combine information from all provided tools to make more difficult puzzles solvable and complete the final mission of returning present day Earth to its Pangaea state.

Observe, Extrapolate, and Test

  • Pangean encourages users to recognize patterns as clues to relationships. Students use information to make hypotheses, test their theories, and revise according to results.
  • Players use reverse engineering techniques to understand geological models, studying the current state and moving backwards to replicate the original form.
  • Students witness how science and technology work together in making discoveries. The sonar and fossil tools unveil great amounts of information that lead to scientific breakthroughs.

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