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Soar above the world and explore the night sky with Planetarium
Download Executable Available for Windows and OSX.

This virtual reality app requires the use of an Oculus Rift and a Rift-mounted Leap Motion Controller (using the VR Developer Mount or unofficial alternative).

Before using, enable "Allow Images" through the Leap Motion Control Panel. This app includes Quick Switch, just press 'Q' to enable, and then swipe your hand vertically between 1 and 2 inches from the device to jump between the app and video passthrough.

Licensed subject to Leap Motion SDK Agreement


Blog post:

Soar above the world and explore the night sky with Planetarium, featuring our latest experimental UI Widgets! Designed for the stargazer in all of us, this demo includes:

  • Experimental navigation. With your palm downwards and looking at the Earth through your hand, you can easily travel around our pale blue dot.
  • Time travel. Using the Time Dial on your Arm HUD, you can see the stars as they would appear in real life. Just twirl the dials with your fingers and go!
  • Star power. Reach out and pluck constellations from the cosmos. We've played with perspective and colors to reveal star distances and temperatures.

- WARNING: Do not download source until this warning has been removed. It has been discovered that the current repository has broken script & object references (see discussion below) - repairs are in progress.
- It is recommended to run the DirectToRift executable for Windows.
- If the app starts in the wrong resolution you can relaunch while holding Option (OSX) or Shift (Win) to force the Unity resolution picker.
- There is a known instability on Windows machines in which an error in DXGI related to the Oculus Rift causes the application to crash during use.