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Pottery maker simulator.
Download Executable Available for Windows.

This virtual reality app requires the use of an Oculus Rift DK2 and a Leap Motion Controller placed on the table in front of you.

(YouTube) PotelRVR.
(Itch.io) Leap Motion 3D Jam 2015 entry.

PotelRVR is a pottery maker simulator for the Oculus Rift + the Leap Motion Controller.

Sit, relax, enjoy the sounds of nature and create pottery in a relaxed environment. When you're happy with your modeled art feel free to 3D print it!

How to set up your virtual pottery studio:
1. Place the Leap Motion Controller on a low table, using your knees as reference.
2. The Leap Motion Controller should be ~3cm (~1.5 inch) away from your knees.
3. Reset the camera position with R when you are properly situated.
4. For a better experience, use headphones.

Reference image 1.
Reference image 2.