The Shooting Range

VR   3.4K   
Pewpew in the Shooting Range!
Download Executable Available for Windows.

This virtual reality app requires the use of an Oculus Rift DK2 or CV1 and a Rift-mounted Leap Motion Controller (using the VR Developer Mount or unofficial alternative).

(YouTube) Shooting Range Demo 1.
(YouTube) Shooting Range Demo 2.

This is a little project I put together testing out the capabilities of the Leap Motion Orion hand tracking update. Right now, you cannot choose a hand preference, so the guns are attached to the right hand, and the left hand can be used to interact with the weapon (for reloading).

REQUIREMENTS: A decent graphics card, Oculus DK2 or CV1 w/ 0.8 runtime, Leap Motion Controller and Leap Motion Orion, Windows.

When playing, YOU MUST FIRST INITIALIZE THE HANDS (every time you load the demo). To do this, put your hands in front of your face so you see both of them, then remove them so they are no longer on screen.

Point at a weapon with your index finger on either hand to equip it (keep hand closer to face works better). Once equipped, make your right hand into a gun shape (pinky, ring and middle fingers touching palm, index finger extended, and thumb straight up), and the weapon will appear. When you move your thumb down to your hand, as in a shooting motion, the gun will fire. Automatic weapons will fire if you leave your thumb down. For best results, keep your thumb up straight as possible, and you can just bend your thumb knuckle to trigger a shot. You can also make a fist to show your secondary weapon (a throwable item). To reload a gun, grab the clip (for AK74u, Mac10 and SVD) or press the clip release button for pistols, grab the barrel for the shotgun to open it, then drop the old clip (if applicable), and make your left hand into a fist to spawn a new clip or bullets, then insert it into the gun to load it. Have fun pew-pewing stuff! You can even grab grenades, throw them in the air and shoot them ;)

If tracking is acting weird, put your hands in front of your face with palms facing you, and fingers spread to recalibrate the tracking.

- Scale distortion on ammo clips after you grab them, they look weird
- Sometimes bullets will shoot off in a random direction
- After dropping the same weapon a lot, the weapon will fall out of your hand and cause weird scale distortions (try changing weapon)

- Fix the known bugs first
- Allow user to change handedness
- Fine tune the audio, more diverse sounds per weapon, add spatial audio
- Add different game modes, tutorials
- Add enemies in a separate 'live training' game mode
- More weapons, add bow and arrows, more realistic action on weapons (bolt action, rechamber after reloading, pull pins from grenades)
- Make knife stick into surfaces, break targets