Tholian Web

Tholian Web is an interactive animation created with VUO

Tholian Web is an interactive animation — by waving your hand, you can explore this weird webby world and jump to light speed.

Tholian Web is a work of generative art, the kind you might see in a VJ performance or an interactive exhibit. It was created with Vuo (, software to help people to express their creativity through live performances, videos, and apps.

In Tholian Web, a simple idea — several copies of a grid overlaid and rippled — leads to moiré patterns, crawling curves, and other interesting effects. In much the same way, Vuo's simple building blocks to create 2D and 3D graphics and set them in motion lead to sophisticated and amazing creations of visuals and audio.

You can download Tholian Web as a Mac app, along with visual source code to open and play with in Vuo: