UE4 Community Plugin Example Project

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Learn how to get started with getnamo's Unreal Engine 4 plugin

From the creator of the community plugin for Unreal Engine 4 comes this quick example project and tutorial for building compelling interactions with Leap Motion. To get started with this project, be sure to download the community plugin. To learn how to build it from scratch, check out our blog post with tutorial videos.

This example project includes building Jenga stacks and pushing them around with the Leap Collision Character. With the tutorial, you'll also learn how to pick up and drop blocks, raytrace with your bare hands, and even enable your telekinetic powers to pickup blocks from the ground and place them back on top of the stack.

part3-trace part3

When you've finished, you can compare your results to the final project zip, or use it as a reference! The project is also available as a proof-of-concept demo, which you can download here (unzip and launch from the \JengaGame\Binaries\Win64 folder).

If you want to see an example of Leap Motion-only locomotion, try Mage Arena.

For the latest documentation, please see the github repo.

Talk and discuss this plugin at the main Unreal thread.