VR   9.9K     
Move the collage of pictures in VR

Video Screencast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0J18B9ZuRrk

Live Demo (requires firefox VR nightly, see below): http://leapmotion.github.io/VRCollage/

This is a great demo app for any of the following:

  • Learn how to architect a complex Leap Motion application.
  • Physically interact with objects in a 3d environment, by touching them with your hands.
  • Build anything with the oculus rift and alpha-stage Firefox and Chrome VR APIs.
  • Become an open source contributor.

USAGE: Insert hand above leap. Touch an image with your hand and slide it upwards off the dock. Once free of the dock, it can be moved in X and Y. To let go of an image, move your hands backwards towards you, out of the scene.

Notes on setup:

  • Firefox or Chromium WebVR builds. See http://www.mozvr.com or Chromium Google Drive
  • Each browser requires a flag set. In Chrome, this is chrome://flags "WebVR", which you can confirm with this test page. In firefox, it is dom.vr.enabled.
  • It is recommended to lock your oculus display to 60Hz, as that is what Firefox currently supports. (Mac: do this in the Displays System Preferences)
  • Units are all converted to meters. This is quite important for correct eye positioning.
  • The position tracking in VRControls.js won't be in THREE.js until r72+