VR   833   
Tonight Championship Grudge Match Man vs Machine
Download Executable Available for Windows.

This virtual reality app requires the use of an Oculus Rift and a Rift-mounted Leap Motion Controller (using the VR Developer Mount or unofficial alternative).

(Itch.io) Leap Motion 3D Jam 2015 entry.

VRolleyball is a virtual reality sports game -- a mix between volleyball, baseball, pinball, and pong.


Use your hands to vrolley balls into walls of the same color.
When a ball hits a wall of the same color, you get a point.
If it hits the wrong color, the pitcher gets a point.
32 points to win.

Pro tips

Move your body to position yourself for an easy vrolley, rather than reaching beyond the Leap Motion field-of-view.
It is recommended to play this game standing up, if you can set up the positional tracking camera and have the space.
Be aware of your surroundings! Don't play in an area where you could hit a physical object.


Space or R - Recenter
Wave to rotate menu options
Enter - Start Game


Greg Aring - Programming
Hadar Silverman - Art
Zach Murphy - Music
Colin Kemper - Sound design
Seven Hills Games