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Widgets for Unity Developers on Desktop and VR
Download Executable Available for Windows and OSX.

This virtual reality app requires the use of an Oculus Rift and a Rift-mounted Leap Motion Controller (using the VR Developer Mount or unofficial alternative). Before using, enable "Allow Images" through the Leap Motion Control Panel to enable video passthrough. Available for both Windows and OSX.

A set of four widgets – toggle button, slider, and scroll – designed for VR and desktop environments. (Plus an executable demo set to VR mode!) Built in Unity, these three widgets are just the beginning, as we plan to release additional building blocks in the future. Be sure to check them out in our Arm HUD demo and learn about the Widgets data binding model on our blog.

Mac users: If you don't get the correct resolution, press option key when starting the applications and you'll get resolution selection menu.

Toggle Button Widget

Designed to function by itself or in a grid, the Toggle Button Widget has a wide variety of potential uses, including menu items (e.g. toggle subtitles, start game, etc.), toggling doors to open/close, reaction-based games (e.g. drumming), and in-game controls (e.g. an ignition button or cockpit switch).

Slider Widget

You can use the slider in a multitude of use cases including menu items (e.g. adjust brightness), and in-game controls (e.g. airplane accelerator).

Scroll Widget

We provide a Widget for scrolling content with the flick of your hand. It has numerous applications including displaying user instructions, chat logs, and scrolling through pictures.

Dial Picker Widget

Select from a variety of options using this 3D dial, which uses a scrolling interaction.

*These widgets are built for Oculus driver version or higher. They're included in our Unity Core Assets, which you can get from our Unity download page.